Girl Details/女孩详细

Name 昵称: CoCo (3169)
Age 年龄: 28 Years Old
Height 身高: 160cm
Boobs 胸围: 32B
Languages Spoken: Simple English & Chinese
Include Room 包房
Area 地区:
Location 地点: Geylang 芽笼
Damage 价格: $100/60mins/Massage/2 HJ
Mobile 联络号码: 87404122


  • Authentic Massage/正规按摩
  • Stockings Temptation/丝袜诱惑
  • Upper Roaming/触摸上半身
  • Head, Neck & shoulder Massage/头,颈和肩部按摩
  • Authentic Acupressure Massage/指压按摩
  • Body Oil Massage/油推
  • Cupping cup/拔火罐
  • Catbath/漫游
  • Guasha /刮痧
  • Kneeling Massage/跪背
  • Stepped Massage/踩背
  • Prostate Care/前列腺保养
  • Lymphatic Detoxification/淋巴排毒
  • HDLY/海底捞月
  • 69 Style Hand job/69式打飞机
  • GFE/女朋友感觉

More Photos/更多照片

Please reject if you saw not the same person. and Pay when you meet the Real person.



  • 过去 says:


  • Brennon says:

    Had an enjoyable session with this very nice and pretty lady today. Her massage skill, hospitality and service are awesome! Really worth the money spent. Will rtm for sure. Highly recommended!

  • Iron man says:

    Visited Coco today, thanks to bro’s reco. Charming lady with solid massage skills, nice character and wonderful service!! Really an highly enjoyable hour! Surely will RTM.

  • Jay says:

    A sweet and nice lady with great service. Visited her twice this month so far and both sessions I left her place with total satisfaction. She deserves my compliment and high recommendation! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Simon Loh says:

    Just had a delightful hour with coco. Solid massage, awesome service and nice lady to chat with. Will definitely rtm for another round of mind & body relaxation.

  • Melvin says:

    Visited Coco 2nd time ytd. Her massage skills and service are great! I enjoyed very much for both my visits. Plan to RTM next weekend.
    Highly recommended!

  • laksa says:

    女孩服务很好 按摩也很舒服 兄弟们多支持一下这位美女

  • 天蝎座 says:

    1st time writing report because she certainly deserves it.
    Great altitude. Hardworking and friendly lady. Superb GFE. Massage skills excellent .
    Sure worthy. Must support and please treat her well

  • Kelvin Ho says:

    Visited Coco last night. It was an awesome and lucky found for me in this CNY period.
    Solid massage, wonderful service, great attitude!!
    I left with a fully relaxed body and a delightful soul.

  • Louis says:

    Visited Coco after a recommendation of my camp buddy. Indeed a great session, enjoyed her attentive and skillful massage very much. Furthermore she is a very nice lady with good personality and attitude who earns my respect and support. Sure will RTM.

  • Michael says:

    My first time with Coco, Told her that I only want a Strong Solid Massage as looking at this Slim Petite Lady gives me the feeling that she will be a Pianist.
    To my Surprise, she is so Strong and Skilful that I really Enjoyed A Real Good Massage. So Enjoyable and I was Lucky that I could Extend to 90 Mins as another Bro will be arriving in half hour Later.
    Felt so Wonderful after the session that i gave her a Tips. as she was Wearing a Mask, could only see her Charming Eyes.
    Thank You Coco, will be Back as You will be in My TOP List for Massage.
    Highly Recommeded

  • William says:

    Charming and nice to chat with.  Spent good effort in massaging. Especially like her skills that made me wholly relaxed instantly. Worth supporting.

  • Marathon guy says:

    Had an enjoyable session with Coco after my marathon training run today. The massage and cupping relieved my body ache a lot. Her service is awesome! Will engage her service again on my next training day.

  • Calvin says:

    Glad to have tried out Coco’s service today. Really solid massage skill and friendly personality! One of my best massage sessions in recent months. Will definitely RTM!

  • Thomas Li says:

    My second visit yesterday. A very nice lady with great massage skills and service. Worth my continual support and will RTM for sure.
    Highly recommended.

  • Desmond Lay says:

    Damn good. You try it you will know.

  • Vincent 508 says:

    Sick of the almost non-existent massage and rush service of the few MP that I went to recently,  this afternoon tried my luck to travel ~40 min to try out Coco who has been recommended by a number of bros. At the end of the one hour session, just one summary – Wow! definitely worth the time travelled and money spent.
    Added her to my go-to list for my massage needs in future, even though it is quite a distance for me to travel from the north

  • 鄭生 says:

    上个星期连续碰到两个弹钢琴似的, 不到30分钟匆匆了事, 真憋气! 今天终于遇到认真按摩,给足时间, 待客态度特好的Coco 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 高度推荐! 肯定会回头

  • Ken Tan says:

    Having a Shoulder and back ache for 2 weeks,  3 days ago,  decided to try this Lady.
    Pretty Charming Lady massage and Gua Sha skills are very Good,  Surprises me was that she really do Cup cuppings too. A very Hard working lady who try her best to relief my pain.
    Now my Shoulder and Back are so much Better.  Will book her for another session Again
    Thank you Coco, Will RTM,

  • 文胜 says:

    很好的按摩手法,娇小漂亮的小姐姐。 值得, 一定会在回来.💪🏼👍🏼

  • Andrew says:

    So Many Good reviews on her, give it a shot and Wow, No Regrets.!
    A Petite pretty lady (Prettier than Photos) with Such Great Strength and Skills.
    Attitude is very good and Friendly.
    Highly Recommended
    100% RTM

  • 公羽草民 says:

    按摩时专心且用力, 时间方面, 我前后待上1小时左右, 工作认真方面,毫不迟疑评5星。服务手法也令我非常享受。
    总而言之, 按摩与服务皆物有所值, 工作与待客态度上佳, 她本人该也被尊重与善待。

  • Jason says:

    Indeed a Sweet charming and Pleasant lady same as Photos.
    Very Friendly Attitude in providing a Solid Good massage and a great Quahsa too.
    Will definitely RTM
    Please take Care of her and give her the Support.

  • Steven Ong (7508) says:

    Time to leave a comment after my 3rd visits. Truly a pleasant and sweet lady, same person as in the photos.
    The strength and massage technique got better and better for me after I told her my preferences in my 1st visit two three weeks ago. Glad that she can remember. The sensual service is marvelous. Her warm hospitality and good attitude are other plus points for my re
    peated RTM.
    In short, she is a very nice lady worths supporting and be treated respectfully.

  • Droolerbuddha says:

    Lovely Girl. I’m not Chinese but she tried her best with me. I’ll return to her again.

  • Liu says:

    Charming and great attitude. Can really feel her effort in providing a solid massage and good service. Overall a very fullfiling session for me. Worth RTM and high recommendation for those looking for solid massage and delightful treatment

  • swlove says:


  • Dennis says:

    A short feedback for my 2nd visit:
    A pretty and friendly lady, look similar to the photos.
    Genuinely put in effort to provid a solid and skillful massage and can converse well and friendly.  Also tried her quasha on my back this time round, an effective backache relief.
    Sensual service is remarkable.
    Overall, a very enjoying and relaxing session!

  • Samster says:

    super super girl. friendly attitude. rtf many times. pls take care of her

  • Alex says:

    Glad to have taken a chance to book a session with Coco yesterday. Indeed a charming and pretty lady. In the current market of plenty fake photos, it was a very pleasant greeting by the same person in photos.
    Massage solidly done, great service and no shortchange of time.
    In summary, worth the money for a good massage and joyful ending. Will RTM.

  • Man from Mars says:

    Had a pleasant and fulfilling session last nite with this nice and hardworking lady.
    I rarely give any comment but her skillful massage, good attitude and full attention throughout the session earned me a good remark and high recommendation.
    Will definitely RTM.

  • 岩生 81 says:

    第2次约, 按摩手法、服务态度依然保持高水平、并给足时间, 凭这些已值回票价。人友善健谈, 漂亮甜美。会再次预约。

  • Christopher Ng says:

    Visited her today upon a friend’s recommendation. A friendly, polite and nice looking lady. Enjoyed her solid massage complemented with aqua sha skills. A truly pleasant and relaxing session.
    Also, worth noting is her good working attitude and no phone usage throughout the massage. Will RTM soon.

  • Ivan Tang says:

    I tried her many times already. Very good. Worth every single cent. Karen Mok lookalike. Nice body.

  • Oldsammycrew says:

    This lady’s girlfriend feeling gao gao. Not those sluttish type but girl-next-door, chit chat with you type. Please respect her and give her the support👍🏻 When she hj for me, she looked into my eyes I suddenly felt shy sia hahaha! Support support!

  • 7339 says:

    nice lady, natural look.good attitude n friendly.

  • uncle 88 says:

    Such a chatty girl and services are very good

  • Gao 351 says:

    such a gfe feel, please treat her well

  • Gao 351 says:


  • Paul says:

    Is this 2 shots from Hj for 100 sgd? Worth a shot. Good reviews, might try soon

  • Gigglolo says:

    Friendly, hardworking, solid massage. Where to find?! This one confirm can support. Not like those knn waste money need to add money here, add money there.

  • Frank says:

    Guys please support her. Her service is good. Quite pretty and cute. Will come again next time.

  • Lasap king says:

    Although only here for 3 months, I guarantee you she is one hardworking gem! Her massage is hard and don’t pick up phone. The butt massage sensation hit the roof! I don’t know song until flip my eye how many times! Please give her the support! Respect her and she will give you a treat of good and shiok hj definitely will RTM!

  • Anon says:

    Had a go with her her yesterday. Very good skills, not time watcher. Massage skills are not bad too.

  • 佳运 says:


  • Wolfy says:

    Just visited her, indeed very nice girl and kind heart, massage not piano type, GFE very strong. $100 worth a try you’ll never regret

  • Ron says:

    Just finish a session. Very good. Real Photo. 100% same as photo. VVVgood

  • 224 says:

    You pay for what you get bro

  • FJ says:

    She is pretty look like pic
    Tat ONLY what u spend on 100 her look tat u get
    U judge …..

  • 224 says:

    She does a good massage, and changes towels for every customer, professional and friendly, responsible too, hope that answers the queries

  • FJ says:

    Is she half nude while doing msg ?

  • Sg says:

    Pretty girl, not time watcher, good service, will rtm

  • 无名 says:


  • bill says:


  • 224 says:

    Great massage, nice gfe and sociable, friendly to talk to, overall recommended