Girl Details/女孩详细

Name 昵称: Julie (3395)
Age 年龄: 23 Years Old
Height 身高: 161cm
Boobs 胸围: 34C
Languages Spoken: Chinese
Include Room 包房
Area 地区:
Location 地点: Central Apartment 中部公寓
Damage 价格: $110/60mins/Body Massage/1HJ
$150/60mins/Body Massage/BJ With Cap
Mobile 联络号码: 82619082


  • Authentic Massage/正规按摩
  • Upper Roaming/触摸上半身
  • Nude Massage/裸体按摩
  • Temptation Massage/诱惑按摩
  • Head, Neck & shoulder Massage/头,颈和肩部按摩
  • Authentic Acupressure Massage/指压按摩
  • Acupuncture point Massage/穴位按摩
  • Body Oil Massage/推油
  • Catbath/漫游
  • Kneeling Massage/跪背
  • Stepped Massage/踩背
  • Prostate Care/前列腺保养
  • Lymphatic Detoxification/淋巴排毒
  • Juagen/抓根
  • HDLY/海底捞月
  • Hand job/打飞机
  • BJ With Cap/带套口交

More Photos/更多照片

Please reject if you saw not the same person. and Pay when you meet the Real person.



  • Singleoldman says:

    OMG She amazingly young, sweet and pretty.
    Don’t let her looks deceive you.
    She is patient and allow me to sit and rest for 55 min.

    Her massage is so strong and pin point 10/10
    Her body is so beauty, her boobs fits into my palm with satisfactory soft and bouncy feels. Absolutely a young gal feels . Body 9.5/10
    Her looks are sweet, young, courteous and pretty. Totally my type. Looks 9.5/10
    Her blow and hand job are so sensual with her moaning with the expression while my hand run grabbing her boobs. 10/10

    Her condo is so clean and situated in the best location.

  • Jim says:


  • Java says:

    Location 9/10: Area Central , private apartment ( huge space) Home alone
    Hygiene 9/10: Considered clean and quiet place
    Looks 8/10: 90% similar to the photos.
    Body 8/10: Tall and slim, great for legs lover. Nice ass too, like those perky type
    Boobs 8/10: B+ not for boobs lover but natural soft , nice to grab it
    Massage 8/10: Neck, shoulder, leg , pretty good strength
    HJ 9/10
    while licking my nips, good HJ with speed which made me shooting fast and fly high
    GFE 8/10: Able to hold conversation well and she’s friendly too

    RTM: Sure why not, before she gets too busy after more guys get to know her.
    Treat D D well and respect her boundaries.

  • Der says:

    Looks – pretty 10/10
    Services – excellent 10/10
    HJ – 10/10
    Massage – 10/10

  • Peter says:

    Decided to try after looking at her pictures and the good reviews and comments. Luckily all the comments and reviews turn out to be true and I had a fantastic time with her.

    Look: 8.5/10 Look very much like her from the photos and give a very nice GND feel
    Attitude: 10/10 That is what probably shines the brightest. She is chatty and will be please and extremely friendly
    Massage: 9.5/10 This is another amazing point where she really scores. Know how to loosen up the knots and rarely find someone giving such a good massage in house setup
    Body: 8.5/10 right shape and size at all areas, not the bony type but meaty at all the right places.
    HJ and Sensual: 9/10 Patterns a lot, pace will alter accordingly and all I saying is an enjoyable outing, you need to find out yourself 🙂

  • Jeff says:


  • kuche says:

    服务一流,不赶时间,和照片一样漂亮 期待下次见面

  • 咕噜 says:


  • F.K HO says:

    Just went for a visit with Angel. In fact I’m writing this as I’m in the room.
    She’s 100% like the photo, I think she looks better in person.
    Looks – 10/10 those are real pictures
    Body – 10/10 young girl body confirm good and firm one. Very very nice.
    HJ – 9/10 it’s enjoyable but I cannot finish the 2nd shot, weak liao.
    GFE – 10/10 super friendly, very nice to talk to. Please take care of her and respect her wishes.

    10/10 confirm will come back. Totally worth the money.

  • Alan says:

    She is young and pretty, photo is her, good services, excellent GFE, accommodating, will return.

  • Kimi says:


  • 孤独 says:

    年轻, 可爱, 温柔, 瘦

  • JJ says:


  • 公子别浪 says:


  • 兵仔 says:

    Giving my honest review about Julie. Overall I feel she is one of the better girls out there with above average services. Below are the stats.

    Looks 样貌/颜值 : 9 / 10 ( can see about 95% resemblance which means the photo is genuine, just a bit of touch up here and there )
    Age (Est) 年龄(大概) : 21-25
    Body 身材 : 8/10 ( curves at the right place, slim and butt is perky enough )
    Boobs 胸部 : B cup Natural
    Kissing 接吻 : 3/10 ( Lasted only a while and eye contact not there )
    BJ 有套口交 : 7/10 ( good suction and almost cum but last for about 20-30 seconds. Could be longer )
    FJ 爱爱 : 10 / 10 ( Highlight of the experience. Must try!! pussy is very tight. Enjoyed every single moment )
    GFE 女朋友感 : 8/10 ( For foreplay and sex ,gfe is quite good. Could have sweet talk a bit then will give full marks. )

  • Chris says:

    这位小美女 我很喜欢 本人比照片漂亮 身材也很好 服务很到位 过程很让你放松和舒服 很开心遇到他 希望每一天都能看到他 人很热情 很有女朋友的感觉 ❤️

  • 捷锐 says: